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1. Better Late Than Never     
2. Low Tide
3. Another Point of View
4. It's Only Money
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               Welcome to my new  website!
I'm planning to update and expand the content made available here on a
regular basis. I've been adding You Tube videos and  some of my own
nature photography and other favorite images to make it a more visual
experience. Please browse, listen and enjoy!

The You Tube videos posted here are a convenient way for me to put out
some acoustic demos of songs that I haven't yet completed studio
recordings of.

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Thanks for visiting.
                                       J.D. Hawk
You Tube video  (more on Videos page)
My song   It's Only Money  has been recorded by popular Lehigh Valley
 Steve Brosky on his 2013 CD entitled  Gratitude .   
( Listen to  his version of the song