Better Late Than Never
By J.D. Hawk
Copyright 2002

Just like seeds long ago planted, and waiting in the ground,
Finally awakened by the sunlight shining down,
Your life wants to keep growing,
Your heart knows what you must do.
It's not too late to follow all the dreams inside of you.

Better Late Than Never
Better Late Than Never
Better Late Than Never
Better Late Than Never

All those things you thought you needed,
Just were not what they seemed.
The doubts and fears that held you back,
Were nothing but bad dreams.
All those priceless opportunities you wasted in your youth.
Now your eyes are opening, at last you see the truth.

The keys to your own destiny, were placed into your hands.
You'll never know how far you'd go untill you do the best you can.
You've got to live what you believe,
Or end up empty hearted, holding sand, in your hands.

Well most flowers bloom in April, but some bloom in July.
Every bird sooner or later, discovers how to fly.
It took this long to learn that to yourself you must be true.
Older now but wiser, who knows what you could do?

Low Tide
By J.D. Hawk
Copyright 2002

Low tide,
Waiting for rivers that have run dry.
Confused and empty is the way you feel,
When all that you counted on  just wasn't real.
Looks like you ran into the slow side.
Is there an answer that you haven't tried ?
Why did your warm world have to turn so cold ?
Can changing seasons ever be controlled ?
But just remember life's a long ride.
You will be given what youÂ’ve been denied.
It may seem distant but it won't be long.
Just when youÂ’re sure that your last hope is gone.
YouÂ’ll start to feel a new day coming on.
Then once again, your life starts growing,
Feel the power flowing,
Get up and get going,
Feel the power flowing.

Miles Away
By J.D.Hawk
Copyright 2002

Well, I used to be so troubled,  chasing my destiny.
What could have been so beautiful  turned into misery.
In the midst of all my troubles,  I just could not see,
How IÂ’d hurt you,  then youÂ’d hurt me.

But thatÂ’s all miles and miles away,
Drifting further every day
ThatÂ’s all miles and miles away from my heart.
Well thatÂ’s all miles and miles away,
And now love is here to stay,
ThatÂ’s all miles and miles away, from my heart.

I used to think it was all over, between me and you.
I just could not understand what you were going through,
And you could not see why I did those things I had to do,
But what we thought, just wasnÂ’t true.

All the tears weÂ’ve cried,  the morning sun has dried,
That dark sky is turning blue.
LetÂ’s leave it in the past, the memoryÂ’s fading fast   
All IÂ’ve got left is love for you.

I guess that lifeÂ’s for learning lessons,
ItÂ’s just too bad we learn so slow
Forgive and youÂ’ll be given more than you will ever know.
Forget about the painful past and let the river flow,
It feels so good, to let it go.

Love Them Now
By J.D. Hawk
Copyright 2002

As a kid I had my dog, my friends, and all my family.
I guess I took for granted they'd always be there with me.
So busy playing games I rarely took the time to see.
Now the most precious things I own today
Are all those memories.

Don't hesitate,  life doesn't wait,  love them now.
Show them you care,  and that you are there,  love them now.
Apreciate,  its never too late,  to love them now.
Show them how, love them now.

How often friends and loved ones touch our lives then drift away,
Just like those old familiar faces on your graduation day.
We swore we'd stay in touch but it just didn't turn out that way,
And sometimes the words that hurt the most
Are the ones you didn't say.

Gathering memories,  just like falling leaves.
Forever dancing in the wind.
Some shining bright and gold, others dark and cold,
They can make you cry just a little.

Apreciate this moment it's the only place to be.
You can open up the door, cause in your heart you hold the key.
For those who hesitate life's always moving much too fast.
The present and the future quickly turn into the past.

Strong Love
By J.D. Hawk
Copyright 2002

Once upon a time,
When kisses were sweeter than wine,
Lovers lived hapily ever after, so they say.
But today it's a very different world,
In so many different ways,
And things aren't quite as easy these days.

It must be a strong love, it has survived,
It has been kicked around but it refused to die.
Each time it's falling down, we  give it one more try.

For better or worse, well thats what they all say,
Until the summer flowers start to fade.
Love isn't easy, its both pleasure and pain,
To make rainbows it takes sunshine and rain.

I never looked who wrote the book on how things should be,
But they weren't counting on you and me.
And if they only knew all we've been through,
They would not believe.
But for us its just plain to see.

We could have gone separate ways.
No one would say we didn't try,
But I'm glad that we're still walking side by side.
Its been a difficult road, and we've come a long way.
If they ask our secret I will say...

The Hard Way
By J.D. Hawk
Copyright 2002

Looking back, you've got to face the fact,
That sometimes pain is the only way that we learn.
Is it our destiny, or just stupidity?
We don't believe the fire's hot till we get burned.

Why do we have to learn the hard way ?

We hurt those close to us, if you're like most of us,
Chasing after leaves in the wind.
Be all that you can be, but I hope you can see,
That nothing is more valuble than love

What's up is what was down,
What goes comes back around again.
Through all the pleasure and the pain
Only what remains matters in the end

A wise man from a fool,  guess life is like a school,
We're tested till we've learned our lessons at last.
Too short a memory, repeating history.
Let's not forget the lessons from the past.

Follow Your Heart                                                  
By J.D. Hawk                                                           
Copyright  2002

You can see the sunlight on the mountain from the valley.
So close and yet so far away.
And from every winding path someone is shouting,
That they have found the only way.
When thereÂ’s a million different people trying to tell you what is true,
ThereÂ’s only one thing to do.

You've got to follow your heart,
You've got to follow your heart.
Through all the confusion,  through all the illusion,
YouÂ’ve got to follow it,  got to learn to follow it,
YouÂ’ve got to follow your heart.

We walk alone and yet we walk together,
For the sorrows of one, are the sorrows of us all.
And no one is so low they canÂ’t start climbing,
And there are none too high to fall.
Though we may walk side by side, each step must be your  own.
Only you can find your way home.

There are questions everyone has got to answer,
And the way you live your life, will be your reply.
ThereÂ’s a part of music only  revealed  by the dancer.
And you must spread your wings to fly.
When you let go, and let it flow,  donÂ’t forget to pray.
And trust your heart to show you the way.


Giving Your Mind To Hollywood                                       
By J.D. Hawk
Copyright 2002

YouÂ’re feeling uninspired and the day is almost done,
On TV and the silver screen everyoneÂ’s having fun.
A million eyes are watching them, youÂ’re not the only one,
the lights go down, the showÂ’s begun.

YouÂ’ve been giving your mind to Hollywood
hoping to ease the pain,
now youÂ’ve done all the things they said you should,  in vain.
YouÂ’ve been giving your mind to Hollywood,
their putting poison into your brain,
yet youÂ’re drawn like a moth that flies into the flame.

TheyÂ’ve got you thinking that reality just isnÂ’t good enough,
theyÂ’ll do anything to pull you in, the competitionÂ’s tough.
TheyÂ’ve got lots of pretty people doing interesting stuff.
Without them life would sure be rough.

Seducing you as they hypnotize,
controlling the world you see,
they are molding you as they advertise,
they are telling us who, telling us what to be.

TheyÂ’re telling  you what you need and youÂ’ve been taking theyÂ’re
But the life that theyÂ’ve been selling you just isnÂ’t worth the price.
Before you escape to their fantasies see what youÂ’ll sacrifice,
thereÂ’s a snake in every paradise.

Sail On
By J.D. Hawk
Copyright 2002

There's a relationship in trouble, struggling on the ocean waves.
Storms have put it on the rocks but the crew is being brave.
Abandon ship or carry on, a choice that must be made.
A relationship is sinking and two lifeboats sail away.

You must sail on, sometimes there is no other way.
You must sail on, the sun will shine another day.
You must sail on, in time your tears will wipe away.
You may have lost your innocence but don't throw your dreams away.

Some are built to last a lifetime as they journey through the years,
But others get in trouble as their laughter turns to tears.
Some overcome, their love grows stronger sailing through each stormy
But some keep sinking deeper as their words get in their way.

No one will ever know, how many times you've tried.
Your face will never show, how many tears you've cried.
And when its time to go, it just leaves you wondering why?

Losing love is the deepest pain a heart can ever know.
The anger turns to bitterness, you've got to let it go.
Love, like a fallen flower next Spring once again will grow.
Life is forever changing, you've got to let the river flow.

Empty Place Inside
J.D. Hawk
Copyright 2002

All alone I have been stumbling through the wilderness of life.
Searching for the truths among the lies.
You came to me with water, just as I was running dry,
And now your love has filled that empty place inside.

That empty place,
That hollow space,
We all have learned to hide.
Your love has filled that empty place inside.

So many people just play games and call it love,as a disguise.
I need a woman's love that's real down to the soul.
I took one look into your eyes, and you know, I saw the light.
And now your love has filled that empty place inside.

Love is like the sun, a light to help us find our way.
This is the first that I have really been alive.
But if I'd never met you I suppose I'd have survived.
A little bit lonely, with an empty place inside.

It's Only Money
By J.D. Hawk
Copyright 2002

They say some people have it made,
A life with all expenses paid.
The rest of us just wonder why,
Demand always exceeds supply.
There's hungry people starving every day,
While others are just throwing it away.

It's only money, it's only money,
It's only money, it's only money.

It may be the only game in town,
But it doen't make the world go round.
Where does that yellow brick road lead,
I thought that love is all you need.
Strange, the way it always seems,
The thing that stands between us and our dreams.

Could it be better to give than to recieve?
Mountains can be moved if you believe.
This world's got enough for everybody's need,
But not enough for everybody's greed.

Well toys are fun, but we all know,
You can't take it with you when you go.
We shouldn't take more than we give,
We've got to share this world in which we live.
The best things in life are free,
But the answer people keep on telling me.

* My thanks to those whose words of wisdom insipired the lyrics to this

Another Point of View
By J.D. Hawk
Copyright 2002

When I look back upon the things I used to say,
I see how different I find myself today.
And I was sure that I had found the only way.
But now I see it from another point of view.

See it from another point of view.
See it from another point of view,
See it from another point of view.

It seems that life's just fooling us, before we realize,
The things that we've been looking for,
Were right before our eyes.
'Cause you could look at truth, and still see only lies,
Until you see it from another point of view

It's another point of view,
From a place you're traveling through.
It's so strange the way today looks from tomorro,
It's so strange the way tomorro looks today.

How you see this changing world will all depend on you,
Because your life is rearanging, and you are changing too.
And you may see a different world
Than the one you thought you knew,
When you see it from another point of view.