It's Only Money
By J.D. Hawk
Copyright 2002

They say some people have it made,
A life with all expenses paid.
The rest of us just wonder why,
Demand always exceeds supply.
There's hungry people starving every day,
While others are just throwing it away.

It's only money, it's only money,
It's only money, it's only money.

It may be the only game in town,
But it doesn't make the world go round.
Where does that yellow brick road lead,
I thought that love is all you need.
Strange, the way it always seems,
The thing that stands between us and our dreams.

Could it be better to give than to receive?
Mountains can be moved if you believe.
This world's got enough for everybody's need,
But not enough for everybody's greed.

Well toys are fun, but we all know,
You can't take it with you when you go.
We shouldn't take more than we give,
We've got to share this world in which we live.
The best things in life are free,
But the answer people keep on telling me.

My thanks to those whose words of wisdom inspired  the lyrics to this song.
art credits:
1. Abandoned  by Luigi Nono
2. Jesus and the Money Changers  by  Boris Olshansky