Better Late Than Never
By J.D. Hawk
Copyright 2002

Just like seeds long ago planted, and waiting in the ground,
Finally awakened by the sunlight shining down,
Your life wants to keep growing,
Your heart knows what you must do.
It's not too late to follow all the dreams inside of you.

Better Late Than Never
Better Late Than Never
Better Late Than Never
Better Late Than Never

All those things you thought you needed,
Just were not what they seemed.
The doubts and fears that held you back,
Were nothing but bad dreams.
All those priceless opportunities you wasted in your youth.
Now your eyes are opening, at last you see the truth.

The keys to your own destiny, were placed into your hands.
You'll never know how far you'd go until you do the best you can.
You've got to live what you believe,
Or end up empty hearted, holding sand, in your hands.

Well most flowers bloom in April, but some bloom in July.
Every bird sooner or later, discovers how to fly.
It took this long to learn that to yourself you must be true.
Older now but wiser, who knows what you could do?